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Kamp Kastle is a recreational camp that is available YEAR ROUND, on a flexible hourly basis. There is no contractual obligation or hourly commitment. This service will allow parents/guardians to drop their child(ren) off at Kidz Kastle while they enjoy some free time. Kamp Kastle is ideal for running errands, doctor appointments, gym time, shopping or even a trip to the salon or spa. Moms…Dads…this Kamp’s for you! Freedom for parents, fun for kids!


How It Works

Prior to utilizing the Kamp Kastle program we will require a completed Registration and Waiver form. A 48 hour notice is required in order to ensure availability, before dropping child(ren) off . A “Kamp Kounselor” will monitor, supervise, entertain and interact with child(ren) at ALL TIMES. Children will enjoy active based games& activities, along with creative and imaginative play. A beverage and snack will be provided.


1) What are the Safety Features?
• Staff First Aid & CPR Certified
• National Background Checked
• Surveillance Cameras throughout the facility
• Audio alarms on doors

2) What are the guidelines of the program?
• 3 hour max time
• Contact information must be provided
• Alternate contact information must be provided
• 48 hour notice requested
• Waiver of liability must be signed
• Staff to child ratio is 1:6

3) What are the restrictions to who can use the program?
• Ages 3 to 10 years old
• Must be fully potty trained

4) What are the disciplinary procedures?
• Unruly behavior will not be tolerated at Kidz Kastle during the child’s stay in the Kamp Kastle program.
• For any minor incidents that may require discipline the child will be spoken to and/or redirected to another activity or play apparatus
• If further discipline is required a phone call will be made to have the child picked up immediately


Kamp Kastle Rates

  • $35.00 for 1 child each additional sibling is $20.00
  • $150.00 for a 5 visit Kamp Pass ($30.00 per visit)
  • $250.00 for a 10 visit Kamp Pass ($25.00 per visit)

Kidz Kastle, Regulations and Safety

Rules of play are for the safety and enjoyment of all children. Any child who does not follow the rules will get a phone call to parent/guardian and be asked to leave.
• While inside socks are to be worn at all times. No outside footwear is allowed past the front entrance.
• All children are expected to play, act and speak in a courteous manor. Swearing and rough play will not be tolerated.
• Please remove all jewelry
• No gum, food or beverages in the play area. We would appreciate all foods and drinks to remain in the seating area only.
• No outside food or drinks allowed


Stay N’ Play Schedule
Monday: closed
Tue. thru Fri.: 10am-5pm
Sat. & Sun.: 9am-5pm

If we are experiencing inclement weather.  Please call ahead to verify if we are open.

Holiday/Vacation Hours:

Friendly reminders: Socks are required for Children and Adults at all times! No outside Food or Beverages allowed!

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